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Seattle Cider

Cidermaker Q&A: Scott Katsma of Seattle Cider Co.

By Emily Kovach / June 28, 2023 /

For LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, we’re sharing stories of queer-identified cidermakers from across the country. In this Cider Culture feature, meet Scott Katsma of Seattle Cider Co. Most cider lovers have an “aha” moment with one specific cider, a special pour that offers an eye-opening, mind-expanding experience into how exciting cider can be. For Scott Katsma…

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Momentum Cider

Monique Gray of Momentum Cider Wins the Creator Launchpad Grant

By Emily Kovach / May 26, 2023 /

Congratulations to Monique Gray of Momentum Cider for receiving the inaugural Beer Kulture Women of the Bevolution Creator Launchpad Grant! This $17,000 award, which is a collaboration between Beer Kulture, Women of the Bevolution and the Brave Noise initiative, is for “women and non-binary entrepreneurs, brewers, or digital creators who identify as an underrepresented or…

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how to pair cider with Thanksgiving

A Dish-by-Dish Cider Pairing Guide for Thanksgiving Dinner

By Meredith Collins / November 15, 2022 /

This Thanksgiving cider-pairing guide by Meredith Collins from the popular blog, Along Came a Cider, is brought to you by the American Cider Association (ACA). So, we’ve finally made our Thanksgiving plans. Whether that involves an intimate gathering or a feast with the whole fam, one thing is for certain: There will be food. And…

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5 Ciders to Drink to Celebrate the Harvest

By Emily Kovach / November 2, 2022 /

If you’re part of the Instagram cidersphere, your feed has likely been rife with harvest photos. Though the perfect time for apple picking varies a bit from region to region, autumn is when farmers and orchardists are out there, harvesting apples in epic numbers. What better way to celebrate the hard and hopeful work that…

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Cider Jawns

Meet the Cider Jawns

By Emily Kovach / May 5, 2022 /

One of the most exciting parts of the craft beverage industries is that they are always in flux. In the cider world, we see this all the time: Cideries open (and sometimes close), new products or techniques shake things up, and new people come onto the scene, bringing with them fresh ideas and perspectives. The…

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ERIS Brewery and Cider House

Cidermaker Q & A: ERIS Brewery and Cider House 

By Malaika Tyson / March 10, 2022 /

[This article was originally published in November of 2020] Malaika Tyson is one half of the blogging duo Cider Soms, which was started as a way to introduce wine-lovers to the world of cider. Created along with her husband Sean, the “Soms” blog seeks to uncover and explain the complexities of ciders in a fun…

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Diane Flynt

Celebrating Leaders in Cider: Diane Flynt

By Emily Kovach / March 1, 2022 /

There is an annual award given out by the board of the American Cider Association at CiderCon each year: the Award for Significant Contribution to the Cider Industry. This honor is bestowed upon leaders in the US cider world; past winners include Mike Beck of Uncle John’s Cider Mill in 2021; cider writer Darlene Hayes…

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Cider Culture 2022 12-Pack

Explore Rad Craft Ciders in Half Time Beverage’s ‘Cider Culture 2022 12-Pack’!

By Emily Kovach / February 2, 2022 /

We are so excited to announce a new collaboration with Half Time Beverage, an epic craft beverage shop with two locations in New York state. Half Time is known for its wide selection of beer, but its cider selection is also super-impressive. We’ve worked with the Half Time Beverage team to curate a set of…

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cider party bar

How to Build a Cider-Party Bar

By Emily Kovach / December 27, 2021 /

So, you want to host a party. Great idea! Your friends/family/crush/co-workers are going to be psyched. Time to start planning out what kind of snacks you’re going to serve, putting together a Spotify playlist and strategizing about how you’re going to clean the entire house without going crazy. But the best part of all is…

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Cider glassware

Serving Cider: A Guide to Glassware

By Meredith Collins / August 13, 2021 /

I’ve been fascinated by cider glassware for years. And based on the responses when I asked my fellow cider-nerds on Twitter how they serve cider, I’m not the only one. Lots of people have their own favorite type of glass in which to pour cider; other folks like to switch out the glass type depending…

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Angry Orchard diversity

A Conversation with Angry Orchard About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

By Emily Kovach / June 14, 2021 /

“Diversity” and “inclusion” are big buzz words in the corporate world right now. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protest in the summer of 2020, and the current reckoning in the craft beer industry around systemic sexism, racism, and homophobia, nearly every brand has put out a statement about its commitment to enact…

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craft cider gifts

Gift it Up: The 2020 Cider Culture Gift Guide

By Emily Kovach / December 11, 2020 /

Gift-giving season is upon us! If you are an adult human, you probably have to get a bunch of gifts for friends and family, and sometimes that can feel overwhelming. It’s kind of a bummer, isn’t it? The act of giving a gift should make both parties feel “warm and fuzzy,” but the endeavor of…

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