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Cider Culture to Sponsor Local Libations Lounge at Philly Farm and Food Fest (April 10)

By Kristen Kwiatkowski / March 31, 2016 /

Cider offerings, cheese samplings, live cooking demos and more than 130 exhibitors will be on tap at this year’s Philly Farm and Food Fest on April 10 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Cider Culture, as a proud sponsor of the Local Libations Lounge at the 2016 Philly Farm and Food Fest, will be on the scene…

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Cider & Food: The Authorities at Teresa’s Talk Alchemy, Local Apples and Craftsmanship

By Jim Berman / December 23, 2015 /

Refreshing are discussions with people who enjoy what they do. Remarkable are those same discussions with people who are red hot passionate about their craft. Talking with Chris Peters and Andy Dickerson of Teresa’s, you would not believe that a little discussion about cider, food and the business that surrounds the two could eek from…

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8 Ciders Perfect for Summer Nights

By Emily Kovach / July 14, 2022 /

Hot days, chill nights: Summer is cider season, through and through. After a day of adventuring (or doing nothing at all), there’s nothing quite like cracking open a cold cider to help restore your energy. For times like these, we turn to craft cider’s spritzy, fun side — we love serious ciders, too, but when…

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how to pair cider with Thai food

Cider Loves Food: Thai-Food Pairings

By Meredith Collins / July 12, 2022 /

In our column, “Cider Loves Food,” contributor Meredith Collins (blogger extraordinaire at Along Came a Cider) is looking at different cuisines and finding the perfect ciders to help take your meals to the next level. I’ll never forget falling in love with Thai food. My first experience was eating it with my best friend in…

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9 Craft Ciders for Grilling and Chilling

By Emily Kovach / May 26, 2022 /

Grilling season is finally here! It’s time to break out the briquettes, the giant tongs and silly aprons and — most importantly — the ciders! We’re going to go ahead and just say what you already know: there is nothing better to have in hand during outdoor summertime hangs than a crispy, cold cider. More refreshing…

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12 Yuzu, Ginger and Lemongrass Ciders to Try

By Emily Kovach / May 13, 2022 /

There’s a trio of fresh and slightly unexpected flavors that we’ve seen popping up in ciders lately: yuzu, ginger and lemongrass. Each of these are unique ingredients in their own rights, and together, they speak to flavors found in different Asian cuisines. Yuzu is a citrus fruit closely associated with Japanese food, but it’s actually…

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Recipe: Jalapeño Pitcher Ciderita

By Emily Kovach / May 3, 2022 /

When planning your next fiesta, try this little life hack: Instead of setting up an elaborate cocktail station or a full bar, offer a few kinds of cold cider in a cooler or the fridge, and one signature cocktail. To make things even easier on yourself, make the cocktail a batch cocktail, something you can…

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Fried, Foraged and Fresh: Two Chefs Talk North Carolina Cider and Cuisine

By Emily Kovach / April 25, 2022 /

All across the United States, regional foodways and craft cider intersect in a myriad of delicious ways. For us, as cider fans, this provides many opportunities to experience something truly special: an agricultural conversation that happens not so much in words, but in flavors and expressions of terroir. With your own dining room table or…

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10 Juicy, Fresh and Fruity Ciders for Spring

By Emily Kovach / April 13, 2022 /

Spring has sprung! We’re packing our calendars with picnics, patio hangs, casual hikes and brunch dates. And while it was fun to cozy up all winter with high-ABV ciders and barrel-aged ciders with whiskey vibes, now it’s time for lollipop-colored ciders bursting with fruits and herbs! We’re talking apples, berries, flowers and more. We’re talking…

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Women Making Waves in the Hard Cider World: Pomme Boots Society

By Holly Tennant / April 5, 2022 /

In 2015, Pomme Boots Society, an analog to the beer world’s Pink Boots Society, was founded as an organization for women in the cider industry. The stated goal of Pomme Boots is to “support positive network connections, education and professional development for women in the dynamic field of cider.” In the fall of 2021, Pomme…

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Hudson Valley Cider

Women Making Waves in the Cider World: Elizabeth Ryan of Hudson Valley Farmhouse Cider

By Malaika Tyson / March 30, 2022 /

Malaika Tyson is one half of the blogging duo Cider Soms, which was started as a way to introduce wine-lovers to the world of cider. Created along with her husband Sean, the “Soms” blog seeks to uncover and explain the complexities of ciders in a fun way. For Women’s History Month, I want to highlight…

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