Cider Tasting

Want to a become a cider connoisseur? Whether you are tasting or serving, we have all the tips on glassware, food pairings, terminology and the best way to enjoy your favorite craft cider. We’ll also be popping open new and must-try bottles and giving you our full-blown tasting reviews.

Cider Food Pairings

Cider Loves Food: Soups, Stews and Cider

The Lake Hopper

New Year’s Eve Cider and Food Pairing: Hopped Cider + Fancy Steak Sandwich

cider and tapas pairings

Cider Loves Food: Spanish Tapas


Cidermaker Q & A: EsoTerra Ciderworks

Cider glassware

Serving Cider: A Guide to Glassware

cider food pairings

Cider Loves Food: Pasties and Hand Pies

Cider and Grilling Pairings

Cider Loves Food: Grilled Cookout Fare

Dish Works

Cider Loves Food: Hometown Heroes

NW Cider Club

Go on a Cider Adventure with the Northwest Cider Club

weird ciders

Weird & Wild: Try These 9 Ciders Featuring Unusual Flavors & Unique Fruits