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7 New Year’s Celebration Ciders for Extra-Special Midnight Toasts

By Emily Kovach / December 27, 2023 /

Ready to say goodbye to the past year and usher in a fresh start? We are, too! There is no better way, in our book, to ring in the New Year than with a glass of special cider — save the cans of everyday session cider for brunch the next day, and break out the…

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7 Big & Boozy Imperial Ciders to Try

By Emily Kovach / November 29, 2023 /

Chilly days bring on cravings for complex, rich flavors, comforting pops of sweetness and higher gravity ciders to warm our bones. We’re talking about ciders layered with huge amounts of juicy apple notes, perhaps enhanced with a bit of spice or vanilla from time spent in barrels. Imperial ciders, which borrow terminology from the beer…

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cranberry cider

7 Cranberry Ciders to Sip This Fall and Winter

By Emily Kovach / November 14, 2023 /

Pumpkin ciders aren’t the only seasonal flavors you should be reaching for as the temperatures start to drop! Cranberry cider is an ideal autumnal cider combo: Bright, sweet-tart and beautiful in the glass, these ruby red ciders are perfect for a fall day. They also pair exceedingly well with food, especially roasted meats (here’s looking…

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Northwest Cider Club

The ‘Winner’s Circle’ Boxes from the Northwest Cider Club Are for Pairing & Sharing

By Emily Kovach / October 26, 2023 /

The winter provides many opportunities to gather: Between the holidays, epic dinner parties and cozy indoor hygge vibes, there are creative ways to make the most of the dark, cold nights of the season. A special cider is the perfect festive libation to pair with hearty food and keep the conversation lively! If you like…

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cideries in NY State

5 Cideries in NY State That Are Also U-Pick Orchards

By Emily Kovach / October 16, 2023 /

If you’re the type of cider fan who likes to lean all the way into autumn (it’s such a fleeting season, after all!), there is no greater joy than visiting an orchard where you can both pick your own apples and enjoy a refreshing hard cider afterwards. In New York State, there are a number…

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pumpkin cider

8 Pumpkin Ciders to Try If You’re All About Those Autumn Feels

By Emily Kovach / September 27, 2023 /

Just about this time every year, like clockwork, we wake up one day in September and realize: Oh snap, pumpkin cider season is here again! How can that be possible when we’re still wearing tank tops and low-key debating whether to turn the AC back on or not?! Whether you love them or hate them,…

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ciders for camping

Ciders for Camping: Tips, Suggestions and Recos

By Emily Kovach / August 23, 2023 /

If you want to capture the juicy center of summer, the essence of fall or the buzzy (sometimes soggy) emergence of spring, go camping. Immersion in nature is one of the best ways to stay present, connect with friends or family and unplug from the noise of the world at large. Whether you’re a hardcore…

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Carolina Cider Fest

Save the Date for the Carolina Cider Fest (Oct. 21, 2023)

By Emily Kovach / August 18, 2023 /

An exciting and ambitious festival is coming to Asheville, NC this fall: the inaugural Carolina Cider Fest! On Saturday, October 21, 2023, cidermakers and cider fans from across the region will gather at McCormick Field (home to the city’s Minor League Baseball team, the Asheville Tourists) to enjoy an array of cider and experiences. The…

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Farmstead Cider

Cidermaker Q&A: Farmstead Cider

By Malaika Tyson / August 8, 2023 /

Malaika Tyson is one half of the blogging duo, Cider Soms, which was started as a way to introduce wine-lovers to the world of cider. Created along with her husband Sean, the “Soms” blog seeks to uncover and explain the complexities of ciders in a fun way. Ian McGregor and Orion Bellorado are the founders…

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Dry Cider July

Crack the Code: Your Guide to Finding Dry Cider in the Supermarket

By Alexsis Cassady / July 27, 2023 /

Alexsis Cassady is a cider influencer and Certified Pommelier™ who can be found on Instagram @ciderminded. This article was originally published on the American Cider Association blog and is shared here with permission. Ready to get in on the fun this Dry Cider July? Let’s talk about the best ways to find dry cider at the…

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8 Ciders Perfect for Summer Nights

By Emily Kovach / July 24, 2023 /

Hot days, chill nights: Summer is cider season, through and through. After a day of adventuring (or doing nothing at all), there’s nothing quite like cracking open a cold cider to help restore your energy. For times like these, we turn to craft cider’s spritzy, fun side — we love serious ciders, too, but when…

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