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8 Ciders Perfect for Summer Nights

By Emily Kovach / July 24, 2023 /

Hot days, chill nights: Summer is cider season, through and through. After a day of adventuring (or doing nothing at all), there’s nothing quite like cracking open a cold cider to help restore your energy. For times like these, we turn to craft cider’s spritzy, fun side — we love serious ciders, too, but when…

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cider spritz

5 Fruity Cider Spritzes for Maximum Refreshment

By Emily Kovach / June 29, 2023 /

We’re not going to turn down a bright, refreshing spritz in the winter, but these flirty, low-ABV cocktails are really meant for wearm-weather sipping. We’re talking sun-drenched brunches, rowdy pool parties, and rambling chats with your BFF on a porch swing. We’re talking book-and-a-hammock afternoons, lakeside picnics, and impromptu post-work happy hours. We’re talking summertime,…

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Cider and food pairings

Cider Loves Food: CSA Veggies Pairings

By Meredith Collins / June 26, 2023 /

In our monthly column, “Cider Loves Food,” contributor Meredith Collins (blogger extraordinaire at Along Came a Cider) is looking at different cuisines and finding the perfect ciders to help take your meals to the next level. It’s summer: the season of grilling, picnics and lakeside barbeques! Where I live, it’s also the season when a…

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cider in the Finger Lakes

Cider Travels: Drinking Cider in the Finger Lakes Region of NY

By Meredith Collins / June 21, 2023 /

If you’re thinking about including cider in your vacation plans, there’s no better place to go than the Finger Lakes. The Finger Lakes, sometimes referred to as FLX, is a beautiful sprawling region within central New York, encompassing 11 glacial lakes that span from Conesus Lake in the west to the most famous three in…

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cider margarita

5 Cider Margarita Recipes You’ll Make Over and Over Again This Summer

By Emily Kovach / April 24, 2023 /

Margaritas: We love them when the sun is out and dazzlingly bright, ideally with a plate of tacos and a group of our silliest friends. And what makes this festive cocktail even better? Adding cider to the mix! Cider margaritas are as customizable as your imagination will allow, with so many delectable combinations of tequilas,…

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solar-powered cideries

5 Solar-Powered Cideries

By Emily Kovach / April 20, 2023 /

At its core, cider is an agricultural product. Without healthy land and productive orchards, this beverage that we love so much isn’t a possibility. Whether a cider maker is growing their own fruit or sourcing from nearby farms, they understand as well as anyone who is making a living off fruits and vegetables, the true…

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brunch ciders

7 Ciders Perfect for Boozy Brunches

By Emily Kovach / April 12, 2023 /

At this point, brunch is pretty much a cultural institution. The word may conjure images of a bleary Sunday, whiling away the hours while chasing away a hangover with decadent dishes; or of a relaxed gathering at home with bagels and coffee; or a rowdy meal out, where the main course is bottomless mimosas. Brunch…

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craft cider with herbs

6 Garden-Fresh Ciders to Try

By Emily Kovach / March 22, 2023 /

For those breezy evenings or sweltering afternoons when you need a little spritz to survive, try one of these garden-fresh ciders! Each one pairs the complex sweetness and telltale tannin of quality cider with herbs, flowers and botanicals to achieve a new level of summery deliciousness. Finnriver Farm & Cidery Honey Meadow Botanical Cider Experience…

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Artifact Cider Jalsa

Artifact Cider Project Finds Meaning and Shared Memories With its Jalsa & Juhu Beach Ciders

By Emily Kovach / March 9, 2023 /

For the decade that Artifact Cider Project has been in business, its co-founder Soham Bhatt has actively resisted making ciders with tropical adjunct flavors. “For me, the goal of Artifact has been to create a sense of place around apples and the experiences around apples in the Northeast,” Bhatt says. “So, it felt sacrilegious to…

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4 Ciders to Celebrate International Women’s Day

By Emily Kovach / March 6, 2023 /

International Women’s Day is March 8, 2023, part of the annual Women’s History Month throughout the month of March. While we love to celebrate female-identified folks in all walks of life, we are especially keen to raise a glass to the badass women — both the well-known ones, and those toiling in obscurity — across…

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Valentine's Sweets and Cider

Cider Loves Food: Valentine’s Day Treats & Cider

By Meredith Collins / February 14, 2023 /

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and whether you’re coupled up, ready to celebrate Galentine’s Day, or you’re more in the mood for some solo self-care, it’s time for dessert and cider. Though there’s no end to the number of available sweet treats for this holiday, I’m including recipes for homemade affairs. I always find that making…

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