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The Ciderologist Announces New Book, Modern British Cider

By Emily Kovach / August 26, 2021 /

Publishing news! Cider writer, podcaster, teacher and all around cider expert, Gabe Cook, AKA The Ciderologist, recently announced that his new book, Modern British Cider, will be released on September 6, 2021. This new pome-tome, which was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, will be published by CAMRA Books, will take aim at negative pre-conceptions about…

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Cider School #11: The State of UK Cider with Gabe Cook AKA ‘The Ciderologist’ (Thurs., June 18, at 5 p.m. ET)

By Emily Kovach / June 16, 2020 /

Perhaps you know Gabe Cook from his blog, The Ciderologist, or as the author of the book, Ciderology: From History and Heritage to the Craft Cider Revolution. Maybe you’ve seen him speak at a conference or have attended an event that he’s organized, like the recent virtual worldwide cider tasting he put together. No matter how you’ve…

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The Ciderologist Plans Worldwide Virtual Cider Tasting on Instagram (May 2, 2020, 3 p.m. ET)

By Emily Kovach / April 20, 2020 /

The Ciderologist, who you may also know as Gabe Cook, is a global cider expert with over 15 years of experience. Gabe has taught classes, written a book and numerous articles (including here at Cider Culture), hosted events, and more, all in the service of what he calls “Ciderology.” This philosophy is upheld by six…

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The Ciderologist Speaks: In Praise of Perry

By Gabe Cook / September 25, 2017 /

Welcome to our second installment from guest contributor, Gabe Cook, aka The Ciderologist (read his first article here). We’re thrilled to have such a knowledgeable and accomplished cider expert on board! I have a confession to make. I’m having an affair.   I have been wedded to cider for 15 years now. Along the way, like with…

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Communiqué from The Ciderologist: The Craft of Cider in the UK

By Gabe Cook / August 21, 2017 /

Welcome to our newest guest contributor, Gabe Cook, aka The Ciderologist. We’re thrilled to have such a knowledgeable and accomplished cider expert on board! I’ve been talking, and writing, about cider for years. It’s my hobby, my passion and rather wonderfully, it’s also turned into my profession. Having worked in various guises across the cider…

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The Ciderologist Embarks on a Global Cider Tour and Hits the U.S.A. (United States of Apple)

By Kristen Kwiatkowski / July 14, 2017 /

Gabe Cook of The Ciderologist recently traveled from his home locale of Dymock on the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border around the globe to embark on a multifaceted cider tour. Part three of the excursion took him to the United States, with a first stop in Chicago, and then off to serve as a judge at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry…

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8 Pumpkin Ciders to Try If You’re All About Those Autumn Feels

By Emily Kovach / September 24, 2022 /

Just about this time every year, like clockwork, we wake up one day in September and realize: Oh snap, pumpkin cider season is here again! How can that be possible when we’re still wearing tank tops and low-key debating whether to turn the AC back on or not?! Whether you love them or hate them,…

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craft cider gifts

The 2021 Cider Culture Gift Guide

By Emily Kovach / November 18, 2021 /

The holidays are upon us! And even if you’re not super into consumerism, we’ll bet you’re looking for a few well-above-average gifts to give the special people in your life. As always, shopping small and local is the best way to go, although steering clear of online retailers and giant chain stores sometimes takes a…

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NW Cider Club

Go on a Cider Adventure with the Northwest Cider Club

By Emily Kovach / May 6, 2021 /

It is a dynamic time in craft cider in the Pacific Northwest. This region of the country is legendary for its incredible range of terroir, from volcanic soils to ample rainfall, to cool mountainous climates. The ciders coming out of this area are full of life and energy, and the exciting range of styles means…

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5 Cider Podcasts to Explore for Education and Fun

By Emily Kovach / December 21, 2020 /

Over the past decade, podcasts have exploded onto the media scene. Spotify has its own podcast division now, and there are tons of dedicated apps specifically designed for podcast listening, like Stitcher and Apple Podcasts. Scroll through any of them, and you’ll find podcasts dedicated to literally every topic under the sun … including craft…

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cider education

4 Resources to Ramp Up Your DIY Cider Education

By Emily Kovach / March 24, 2020 /

As much as we might wish we could take a six-month sabbatical from regular life to immerse ourselves in cider education at Cornell, Penn State Extension or The Beer & Cider Academy, alas, it isn’t realistic for many of us. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there to help us become better cider consumers,…

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The Big Bear Cider

The Big Bear Cider Mill Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Expand its Popular Cider Offerings

By Kristen Kwiatkowski / July 2, 2018 /

Craft cider maker The Big Bear Cider Mill in England is hoping to take its cider offerings to all new heights with the launch of its Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign. We’ve now got 100+ investors!!! We would love you to all share in our celebrations. We plan to show our huge appreciation to the people who have invested so…

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